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“Working with The Golf Stable has dramatically improved my understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing—what creates swing speed, power and accuracy—without making things overly technical or unnatural. He has the rare ability to communicate instruction in a way that allows you to visualize the correct move. Through a custom fitness platform called “SwingFit” they have created custom drills and exercises that allow me to “feel” the correct way to swing the club. This has even made short game adjustments much more simple. Every part of my game has improved since discovering The Stable! I highly recommend golfers of all levels to implement their core philosophies.”


“The Golf Stable has taken all of the things that made me a hall of fame hitter and applied them to my golf game.  The holistic approach to my game and customized tweaks that are specific to me and my body have been instrumental in shooting lower scores.  I have yet to play my best golf and am hitting the golf ball more solid than ever!”


“I arrived in the hands of the Stable three years ago as a wildy inconsistent 3 handicap weekend warrior. I wanted more out of my golf game and the ability to compete at a high level in local and national amateur events. In a short amount of time, they took my game far beyond what I thought was even possible. He did so by working within my abilities and swing mechanics. Kevin has a great understanding of the golf swing and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that applies to the everyday golfer.”


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