Meet the Team

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TPI Certified - Kansas City - KC

Kevin Ward

TPI Level 1, TPI Golf Level 2, GCS-ACE

Kevin is the founder of The Golf Stable, whose holistic approach has found one central theme that was lacking the golf community...wellness. Through years of study, experience, and implementation, Kevin has been able to develop one of the most unique training platforms for golfers. Kevin played at KU and highlights during his amateur career include: Big 12 All-Conference Golf-Team, Kansas Amateur Champion (2004),Missouri Amateur Champion (2004), 3-time State Champion at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, MO. He turned pro in 2005 and competed on the Nationwide, Hooters, Gateway, and Canadian tours and worked with world renowned coaches such as Chuck Cook, Randy Smith, Stan Utley, Pia Neilsen, Matt Christian, and Brech Spradley. Kevin has received the following designations: TPI Certified Level 1, Golf Level 2, Power Level 2 and ELODA through TPI. He is also certified as a Golf Conditioning Specialist through ACE.


Scott Carroll

Scott is a former Major League Baseball player whose passion for sports and fitness began back in high school in Liberty, Missouri. As a dual-athlete at Missouri State University, playing quarterback and pitcher, he was eventually drafted in the 2007 MLB draft. After a successful pro career spanning over 12 years, he has found a passion for golf. Scott's love for golf, and the desire to be better, makes him an integral part of our team. Through his years of competing at the highest level, he understood the importance of blending sports performance with biomechanics and understanding how the body moves. Scotts is certified as a Golf Conditioning Specialist through NASM and is a significant resource to help guide you through your golf journey.

TPI Certified - Kansas City - KC

Sara Peppes

TPI Level 1

Sara graduated from The University of Kansas focusing on Health, Sports, and Exercise Science. She was a dance instructor for 7 years and then furthered her passion for exercise by getting her certificate in Personal Training and Pilates Instruction. In 2018, Sara became the founder and instructor at Core Performance 18, which focuses on helping golfers and other athletes work on body awareness, core strength, stability, and flexibility. In 2020, Sara received her TPI Level 1 certification. Sara has been a great addition to the team and her clients love her passion for helping them on and off the golf course. 


Michael Sinks

Michael is a former college baseball player who played at the University of Central Missouri.  He was a First Team All-American in junior college in 2017 and was awarded First Team All-World Series in 2019 with Central Missouri. He attributes his success to one major component: his ability to move with proper biomechanics. He has taken the knowledge he gained from years of studying baseball biomechanics and transitioned quickly into the realm of golf, making him vital in members’ pursuit of more speed in their golf swings. Michael’s passion for movement and proper body mechanics has helped him blend instruction & movement in order to get golfers of all levels to hit it with more speed.  Michael is certified as a Golf Conditioning Specialist through NASM and will continue to further his knowledge and certifications, as he serves as The Golf Stable’s specialist on swing speed and ground force reactions.

TPI Certified - Kansas City - KC

Steve Fletcher

TPI Level 1

Steve had been searching for his best golf for years. Kevin Ward helped him realize most of his swing problems were due to physical limitations, such as poor flexibility, mobility, and lack of golf strength. As a result, Steve has developed a passion for connecting the body/swing connection in order to help golfers improve. He has personally seen the results in his own game...his distance has improved dramatically and he has found himself playing the best golf of his life. Steve has a passion for helping others become the best golfer they can through movement, mobility, and golf-specific strength training. Steve is TPI Level 1 certified.