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Meet the Team

Kevin Ward, TPI Level 1, TPI Golf Level 2, GCS-ACE

Kevin Ward is the founder of The Golf Stable, where he serves golfers of all levels as their Golf

Quarterback & Golfing Advocate.  Avid golfers have many decisions to make on and off the course, as such Kevin serves as an integral part in helping them achieve their goals.  Over the years, Kevin’s holistic approach has found one central theme that was lacking in the golf community: Wellness.  This is the driving factor of why so many “weekend warriors” wind up in the chiropractor’s office or under the knife.  Kevin saw a need and with that came the genesis of SwingFit.  SwingFit is a goal focused program that includes new wave training techniques in order to perform better in the gym and on the golf course.  Some of these techniques are centered around flexibility, mobility, golf strength, endurance, as well as increasing swing speed.  Through years of study, experience and implementation,  Kevin has been able to develop one of the most unique training platforms for golfers in the country.  In addition, he has spent countless hours collaborating with some of the best amateur and professional players to see what they are doing to become more “golf strong.”  The true phenom that Kevin has is a passion for golf that has fueled Kansas City’s most advanced golf training program.  A key philosophy that Kevin discloses is that playing better golf is a journey that takes work. The process of becoming more “golf strong” is truly hard and should be looked at as a lifestyle. The realization to make real positive changes truly takes time through hard work.

Kevin is Titleist Performance Institute Certified (TPI) which is the “gold standard” when it comes to golf certification and is also certified as a Golf Conditioning Specialist through ACE.  In addition, Kevin also has received his TPI Golf Level 2 Certification.  Kevin Ward accepted a NCAA Division-1 golf scholarship and completed his playing career at the University of Kansas. Highlights during his amateur career included: Big12 All-Conference Golf-Team; Central NCAA All-Region Team; Kansas Amateur Champion (2004), Missouri Amateur Champion (2004); 3-time State Champion at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo.; 6 amateur victories; and 3 collegiate victories.


Kevin competed on the Nationwide, Hooters, Gateway, and Canadian tours throughout the country. After a successful amateur career, he turned professional in 2005 and worked with world renowned coaches such as Chuck Cook, Randy Smith, Stan Utley, Pia Neilsen, Matt Christian, and Brech Spradley.

Jon Rowley

Fitness expert and self admitted golf addict, Jon is excited to join The Golf Stable to help players reach their potential by optimizing their physical performance. He enjoys working with clients of all different types but especially enjoys training those whose goals are to hit the ball more consistent (and farther) on the golf course.


As owner and operator of Being2020.com & 2020 Fitness in Prairie Village, Jon’s unique approach to movement and mobility aligns with Kevin’s goals of not only creating perfect swings for his Stable, but to help clients improve their body positions which amplifies the improvement in the swing.


Jon began working with Kevin based on the mutual interests of fitness and the game of golf and how they both believe the two are directly related. Prior to working with Kevin, Jon may have been ‘very fit’ but he was not directly applying his physical abilities with his golf game. Enter Kevin – Kevin helped Jon utilize his strength and mobility to take his index from a 14 to an 8.6 in a matter of 4 months. It is their goal to 1) improve The Stable’s existing clientele’s mobility and strength and take new clientele and ensure their body mechanics are sound prior to engaging in golf specific training.


Jon’s focus is movement mechanics, flexibility, and once these criteria are met, improving strength. His approach helps clients daily become more mobile, reduce the risk of injury and enable the pursuit of a level of fitness they had previously not imagined. Through his work at 2020 CrossFit, Being 2020 and now the The Golf Stable, Jon has a unique opportunity to take his passion for fitness and merge it with his passion for the game of golf. He looks forward to working with you and helping you take your body and your game from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

Danny Laughlin, PT, DPT, CGFI-L1, SFMA

Danny is a licensed Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in functional movement. Danny graduated from Saint Louis University Undergraduate in 2006 and Rockhurst University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2009.   He is certified with Titleist Performance institute as a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (CGFI-L1) and has worked with golfers of all levels in the Kansas City area since 2010. Danny has also been a featured writer for KC Golf Magazine as their fitness expert.   He is certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) which allows him to further evaluate his athletes from a golf and functional movement perspective. Danny and his wife Erin have owned and operated Laughlin Performance & Physical Therapy since 2012 ( www.lpptkc.com ). As an avid golfer since the age of 6, Danny has both a professional and personal passion for the sport. Using his Physical Therapy, Titleist, and personal background, Danny addresses tissue, movement, and joint dysfunctions that can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury. Through evaluation and exercise prescription, Danny is able to identify and correct these issues to make the golf swing more efficient, powerful, repeatable, and pain-free.


Danny is a fellow Rockhurst High School Alumni and has joined The Stable Team in order to surround the golfer with the resources it takes to achieve their goals. The Stable’s holistic view allows both the coach and the fitness expert to achieve the maximum results for each client.

Steve Fletcher

Having blown through numerous coaches over 30 plus years as a golfer, with little to show for it, he went to SwingFit as one of their first students. There he realized most of his swing problems that golf instructors had been working on were due to physical limitations such as poor flexibility, mobility and lack of golf strength. As a result of SwingFit, his distance improved dramatically and his scores plummeted as he found himself playing the best golf of his life. Steve has a passion for golf and fitness with a great desire to help others become their best golfer through strength, flexibility, and mobility training. He is certified with Titleist Performance institute as a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (CGFI-L1).

Luke Streeter

Luke played for the William Jewell Golf program in Kansas City. During his college career, he not only played golf at a high level but he also studied the game and body to a fault. That said, he had wanted to take all that he has learned on and off the course in order to help others. Luke’s belief is that he can help people achieve their goals if they buy into the fitness aspect of golf. Luke is one of a very few individuals that will receive their TPI designation prior to graduating college!

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