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Performance Academy

Join some of your golfing peers to develop great relationships on and off the golf course while enduring an ongoing training session. This series will include an introduction of how we utilize fitness and biomechanics to customize a workout program focused around bettering your golf game. This program will apply functional movement patterns in order to make your golf swing more efficient!

Train in-person at our Kansas City Performance Center or from the comfort of your own home in a virtual setting!

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Golf Performance Academy

Includes unlimited daily training sessions per month focusing on posture, alignment, swing fundamentals, mobility, flexibility, strength, and most importantly, speed (hitting the ball far!).  


Virtual Training 

Includes unlimited online access allowing you to experience the Golf Performance platform from the comfort of your own gym or home. If you are looking to become more golf strong, flexible, and increase swing speed from a remote location, this is the program for you! 

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