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Train Smart. Swing Efficient. Play Better.

The Golf Stable is a performance academy located in the heart of Kansas City that gives you the resources to improve your game. From Tour Pros to weekend warriors, we help golfers of all levels better their game in the gym and on the course.

For golfers in the Kansas City area, The Golf Stable delivers a custom club fitting experience for any level of golfer. With access to the latest in club fitting technology, our approach is unbiased where the only goal is to find the best combination of new clubs for your unique swing.

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We perform an assessment and screen every golfer beginning our program. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen will highlight all of the athletes strengths and limitations through biofeedback.


At TGS, we provide golf instruction to golfers of all levels in order to improve their game. You will experience an intimate and state of the art learning environment in order to help you better your game.


TGS members have access to reserve Foresight and Trackman bays for self practice and immediate feedback. This is an important part of the process to apply what they are working on in their golf game.

Golf Fitness

Fitness and movement is the focal point of what we do here at TGS. This will be the catalyst in order for you to increase your swing speed on the course. For those of you that truly want to achieve your golf and lifestyle goals this component will be an integral part of your process.

Club Fitting

Maximizing club head and ball speed is a component that will help golfers fit proper equipment to their golf swing. At TGS, we provide a tour quality club fitting experience in order to optimize their ball flight characteristics.

Titleist Golf, New Club Fitting, Kansas City
Miura Golf, New Club Fitting, Kansas City
TaylorMade Golf, New Club Fitting, Kansas City
Callaway Golf, New Club Fitting, Kansas City


Our members utilize the Rapid Reboot compression therapy and hyper volt massage gun in order to maximize their recovery.